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Alcove Units

High Precision Carpentry craft a range of bespoke alcove units to meet the specific space requirements of each individual client we work with. All of our bespoke alcove units are made to order, with exact specifications always given. These units can be used as bespoke TV units, bespoke storage units, and even for use in bespoke kitchens.

Alcoves are usually associated with fireplaces and tend to have awkward dimensions. We specialise in the design, production and assembly of custom-made pieces that maximise aesthetic value and storage potential in both commercial and domestic properties. By combining aesthetics and functionality, we provide you with a high-quality product that will last a lifetime.

By leveraging our creativity, experience and carpentry expertise, we have become one of Kildare's most sought after bespoke alcove unit designers and installers.

Our bespoke creations complement modern and classic homes

Bespoke Alcove Units

  • Our flexibility and attention to detail in tailored pieces separates us from off-the-shelf furniture options

  • Complimenting your existing interior is at the heart of the designing process

  • Custom-made and designed to specifically fit into your desired space, creating an aesthetically pleasing and uniform look

  • Collaborating with interior designers when can open up new perspectives

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