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TV Units

High Precision Carpentry and Joinery specialise in the designing and crafting of custom built in TV units that blend seamlessly into your bedroom, home cinema or living room while providing additional storage. All of our bespoke TV units are made to order, with exact specifications being matched. It doesn't matter if your space is particularly large, particularly small, or even just awkwardly sized- our bespoke TV units will fit.

We guide customers through the process of designing a corner TV unit or TV cabinet that is not only functional but also in-keeping with the style and existing interior of your property. Our expert team of carpenters only use the finest materials and will ensure you can enjoy the quality of your new home fixture from the comfort of your couch.


Our team create bespoke corner TV units for every style of home. Get in touch

Bespoke TV Units

Our custom-made pieces create a uniform and aesthetically appealing look in your desired space
Matching existing styles and interiors is at the heart of our process
Off-the-shelf furniture options are no match for our flexibility and attention to detail
Collaborating with interior designers helps to create truly unique media units

Built in TV units add a touch of class to any space. Call us today

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to get a wide TV stand for my home. Do you create custom TV units?

High Precision Carpentry & Joinery work with clients to maximise the aesthetic and storage potential of any space. We guide you through the designing process and work with only the finest materials to ensure a high quality finish.

Can you work alongside an interior designer when creating custom media units?

Yes. We can collaborate with interior designers in order to create bespoke media units for your property. Whatever the vision you have for your desired space, we will be able to deliver a quality custom-made media unit to match existing interiors and styles.

How much does it cost to have a TV unit built?

The price of a bespoke TV unit varies depending on the size of the unit needed and the material you need it made of. Get in touch with the team at High Precision Carpentry & Joinery today for a free quote on any of our bespoke carpentry services.

Do you provide pre-made TV units?

All of our TV Units are bespoke and made to order.

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